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Wuhan Pinestone Fortune International Trading Co., Ltd. (previous name Wuhan Fengfan Trading Co., Ltd.) is a specialized in electroplating additives, chemical intermediates, surfactant, electroplating wastewater and other industrial wastewater processing agent, electroplating equipment, such as product development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.

Since its establishment in 2005, attaches great importance to technological innovation and development, has been committed to scientific and technological research and development, and invested a lot of money and technical force. Now our company has a research and development base 2000 square meters annually for R & D funding 100 to 150 million yuan, the company has its own R & D center, advanced equipment, sophisticated equipment standard laboratory has six, physical and chemical analysis testing room 3, multiple sets of test equipment and test device, for 6 to 8 species of experiment at the same time, technology and development created a favorable environment for hardware. 

The company also has established long-term and extensive technical cooperation with the Wuhan University and the relevant professional institutions, research institutes, respectively, in the field of organic synthesis, fine chemical, biological engineering, etc..

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